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A plaster trap separates plaster debris from drained water and prevent clogging and blockage in the sink of a dental laboratories. Plaster traps can be disposable and thrown away after several uses or reusable—easily removed, cleaned, and replaced.

Keystone Plaster Trap Liners
15.40 14.32 14.32 USD
Keystone Dental Plaster Trap
168.00 156.24 156.24 USD
Handler 299 Dental Plaster Trap
498.00 463.14 463.14 USD
Buffalo Trap-Eze SS Self-Sanitizing Trap 5 gallon Refill
31.00 28.83 28.830000000000002 USD
Buffalo Trap-Eze Disposable Plaster Trap 5 gallon Refill
22.40 20.83 20.830000000000002 USD
Buffalo Trap-Eze BT Bottle Trap Complete Kit
72.00 66.96 66.96000000000001 USD