DCI Dental / DCI Equipment

Turn to a leader in the dental industry to outfit your practice with essential equipment. DCI Dental has been a trusted manufacturer of dental supplies and parts for decades, which is why we’re proud to offer such a vast collection of their products at Dental Planet. Products from the DCI Dental equipment company is found in some of the finest practices in the country, and their innovative solutions help countless oral surgeons, dentists and dental assistants to deliver the best quality of care to their patients. Learn more about DCI Dental products and how this manufacturer’s commitment to quality can make a positive impact on your practice.

Top-Quality DCI Equipment

DCI offers a comprehensive lineup of essential equipment for dental practices. From the most advanced dental X-ray equipment to DCI dental delivery units, it’s easy to find a great fit for your needs when you browse through this collection. The competitive price points and long-lasting durability of DCI dental products place them among some of the most popular options for dental practices. Many dental care providers are also able to upgrade their equipment or offer more innovative services at their practice due to the affordability of DCI dental products. If you want to make the most of your budget when upgrading your dental practice without sacrificing on product quality, shop for equipment from DCI Dental.

Affordable DCI Dental Parts

DCI also has an excellent selection of inexpensive dental parts and accessories. You can easily browse through these items to find parts for quick and affordable replacements and repairs. Options include stool cylinders, barb fittings, foot switches and other small parts which often wear out or need to be replaced over time. Instead of trying to track these items down in stores or hire an expensive repair service, many dentists are able to make minor repairs on their own to save both time and money. Check out the full collection of DCI dental parts and equipment to find just what you need to keep your dental practice running smoothly.

DCI Reliance Dental Assistant's Stool
634.00 634.00 634.0 USD
DCI Reliance Dental Doctor's Stool
464.00 464.00 464.0 USD
DCI Reliance Side Mount Auto Dental Unit
2,698.00 2,698.00 2698.0 USD
DCI Reliance Post Mount LED Light 115V
1,898.00 1,898.00 1898.0 USD
Marus Foot Control Rebuild Kit
198.00 198.00 198.0 USD
Doctor Stool Cylinder, 45mm Diameter
73.00 73.00 73.0 USD