Needles and Syringes

Dental Planet can help with your Needle and Syringe needs at great low prices.

Dental Planet carries Septodents Needle Recapper aim safe a popular item for your safety.  We carry B-D Clip Needle Clipping & Storage, also by mail, as well as BD's Durasafe Plus case Variable Extension Needle sets, or Exel Injection Plug Cap with Luer Locks.  Certol Protector Needle Sheaths and Smiths Medical Point-Lok Universal Needle Protection, or Smiths Venipuncture needle-Pro Device Dispenser Box.  We have Dental needles, Biopsy needles and Aspiration Biopsy needles, safety needles, Spinal-Epidural needles, and Bone Marrow needles, by these manufactures- BD, Busse, Vyaire, Exel, Septodent, Smith, Covidien, Halyard, HTl, Ultimal, Ethicon, Myco and Terumo. 

Syringes:  Dental Planet carries Septodents Syringe Aspirating Standard Syringe and their Septoject Needle 30G Short, these are two of our most popular items. However, Dental Planet carries a multitude of syringes such as Dental, oral syringes, Ultra Safety plus syringes, Aspiject self-aspirating syringes, petite aspirating, Exel Veterinary Insulin syringe, Owen Mumford Autopen Insulin Syringe,  Irrigating syringes, Catheter tip syringes, Medgen Gent L-Karen bulb syringes, Luer Lock syringes, Luer Tip Cap syringe, Syringes for Ear and Ulcer, Amsino Amsure Pole syringes, Loss of resistance Luer Lock, Luer Slip Syringes, multi-fit reusable syringes, Twinpack dual cannula device syringes, Halyard Glass syringes, Telefax LMA, MAD nasal Intranasal syringes, Telefax LAM MADgic Laryngo-Tracheal syringes, Exel Curve Tip syringes, Exel TB Luer Lock syringes, Exel TB Luer Lock with low dead space plunger syringes.