Medical Microscopes

Improve your medical or dental practice with a high-end operating microscope from this selection at Dental Planet. Finding a light microscope to meet your needs has never been more affordable. We make it easy to choose from several models made by trusted manufacturers in the industry, giving you multiple options for outfitting a new practice or upgrading current equipment. Learn more about our selection of microscopes and tips for choosing between new and refurbished models. 

Types of Microscopes for Sale

At Dental Planet, we pride ourselves on offering plenty of quality options for our customers. This selection of microscopes includes a number of highly regarded models from top medical and dental brands like Leica, Seiler and Prescott. Choose from a compact model set on a wheeled base to provide illumination and microscopic views in even smaller operatories. You’ll also find options for wall-mount, ceiling-mount, tabletop-mount and floor-mount operating microscopes. With superior optics, excellent maneuverability and powerful microscope lenses, these models provide the reliable and accurate results you need to give patients the best level of care.

New and Refurbished Microscopes

A strict budget never has to get in the way of choosing quality medical equipment when you shop at Dental Planet. Our selection includes both affordably priced new models as well as refurbished options. With the latter, customers can save 40% to 60% on advanced medical microscopes from a trusted brand. All of our refurbished microscopes have been carefully tested, fine-tuned and restored to perform and look like new. That means you can get a medical or dental operating microscope at a low price without sacrificing quality, performance or durability. Shop now to find the best microscope for your practice, clinic or hospital at a competitive price.

Seiler Alpha Air 6 Dental Operating Microscope
16,995.00 16,145.25 16145.25 USD
Zeiss Opmi Microscope
22,498.00 21,373.10 21373.100000000002 USD
Leica M690 Microscope
22,498.00 21,373.10 21373.100000000002 USD
Seiler Alpha Air 6 Dental Operating Microscope 0-220° Head
21,298.00 20,233.10 20233.100000000002 USD
Seiler Alpha Air 3 Dental Operating Microscope
12,995.00 12,345.25 12345.25 USD