Protective Apparel


Dental Planet your one source for Dental Products at great low prices.  When it comes to Protective Apparel Dental Planet has you covered.

DENTAL BIBS: Medicom's Dry Back Dental Bibs 3 or 2 ply poly, 13 x 18 in assorted colors is the top selling item in this category in the 500 ct.

APRONS: Medegen Apron 28" x 46" white or Buffalo's Patient Protection Aprons are great choices to protect your clients.

COATS & JACKETS:  There are quite a few choices in this category like,  Medicom Premium Lab Coats with Knitted cuff and collars.  Busse's Labcoats are tri-Layered, Dukal offers a AntiStatic,Pocketed Lab Coats or their Fluid Resistant Lab Coats that are full length, AntiStatic, no pockets. If you just want a basic Lab Coat Graham and Halyard offer these, or you might choose Kimberly Clarks Isolation gowns. Halyard also offers Professional jackets or their Universal Protection Lab Coats.

EYEWEAR: Don't forget to protect your eyes, Dental Planet has a great selection for you to choose from like, 3M Tour-Guard V Protection eyewear, and Medicom's SaveView Loose Frames.  Also Medegen Vision Tek has a Heavy Duty safety goggles, MoInlycke has has goggles. We are very proud to carry Kimberly Clarks line of Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis, V40, V50 OTG, 30 Jackson, V60 Cheaters or V20 Purity, V20 Visio.

GOWNS:  Mydent's Defend Gown Protective tie-back Disposable in blue is a top selling item in this category. We also carry Medicom's Isolation Gowns(over-the-head) in multi colors, or their Impervious gowns. Busee offers a Isolation gown that is staff embossed Thumbhook stirrups Gowns, or their Staff Protection with full back gown. If your looking for Infection Control Isolation gowns-we have Dukal.   If non-woven is what you are looking for, look to our Graham wrap around non woven isolation gowns.   For Surgical gowns we have alot to choice from as well like, Halyard's Aero Blue  or Chrome Performance Surgical Gown or Ultra Zoned Surgical gowns.  Halyard also has a basic Non-Reinforced surgical gown or Ultra Fabric Reinforced, as well as Control, Spuncare, Value Select Surgical Gowns.  But if your looking for Halyards Impervious Gowns -KC100, KC200, or KC300 we those  and their Microcool Impervious Surgical gowns.  If you want Latex Free look to our Tidi Safety Plus LF Gowns.

 MASKS/ HEAD&FACE:  Dental Planet wants to help protect your head and face, we offer 3M Versaflo Economy Hoods, Crosstex's Face shields, and Tidi Shields. We also have the head coverings in this category like Medicom, Brusse Dukal and Halyard's Bouffant caps and Surgeon caps with tie backs.  Halyard also has hood Assembly for Resp. fit test. Mydent, MoInlycke and Kimberly Clark offer Bouffant caps.  We also carry Maytex's Latex Free Beard covers and Bouffant caps, or Medicoms Safemask.  Crosstex's Mask Ultra Sensitive earloop masks in white are the top selling item in this category,  as well as the earloop masks offered by Sultan, 3M, and Medicom.

MISC:   We have 3M Versaflo Formaldehyde/HEPA cartridges, 3M Organic Vapor/Acid Gas/Hepa Cartridge and 3M Versaflo PAPR Assemembly and battery charger.  Busse Fluid Resistant coveralls with elastic cuffs. Dukal coveralls or Halyards Extra Protection Coveralls with elastic wrist cuffs.  Kimberly Clark Protection Aprons, Protection Hoods and A40 Coveralls that are hooded. Kimberly Clark has has Flame Resistant or Splash and Particle protection coveralls, as well as Kimberly Clarks Industrial Apparel. If you want Barrier Jumpsuits we carry MoInlycke's and Sultan Earloop masks and Tidi's neck straps.

RESPIRATOR MASKS:  3M Airmate Airflow Indicator, Battery Charger, battery pack, belt, breathing tube and head cover.  3M Air mate HEPA Air Filter unit, 3M Air Mate Filters and hoods or 3M Aura Particulate Respirator.  Halyard's OR table/ Stretcher Straps, stirup straps, personal Utility straps, security straps, and sterile sleeves.

SCRUB/OR:  Dental Planet offers Dukal Scrub pants, shorts and shirts. Graham Non-Woven scrub pants and shirts or SMS.  Halyards Scrub pants and shirts or MoInlycke's Barrier Drawstring scrub pants and nurses blouses.

SHOE COVERS:   Dental Planet has you covered down to your shoes. We offer Medicom, Maytex and Tidi Shoe covers, or Busse Sur step shoe covers, Dukal non-Slip shoe covers. Haylards ankle guard shoe covers as well as their traction shoe covers and Kimberly Clarks Liquid and particle shoe covers, and Mydent's Anti skid shoe covers.


3D Essentials Jackets, 10 pack
23.20 23.20 23.2 USD
Patient Protection Apron
24.40 24.40 24.400000000000002 USD
Shoe Cover (Skid-Resistant)
35.00 35.00 35.0 USD
Dukal Shoe Covers, Non-Skid, Blue
25.40 25.40 25.400000000000002 USD