Aerosol Safety | Extraoral Suction

Improve the safety and cleanliness of your exam rooms and operating rooms with extraoral suction systems from Dental Planet. These aerosol suction machines are designed to create a more hygienic environment for you, your staff and your patients. It’s also a simple and cost-effective upgrade you can use to attract more patients to your practice or clinic, especially among those who have concerns about aerosol-generating dental procedures. Learn more about how to choose the right extraoral aerosol suction equipment and see what options are available on our website.

Extraoral Dental Suction System Features

There are a number of features to look for when you shop for aerosol suction devices. First, make sure that you check how much square footage the machine is designed to filter aerosols from. For larger spaces, you may need a larger, more powerful machine to keep up. Sanitation is obviously another important feature, so check what types of filters are used and how the air is disinfected. HEPA filtration combined with UV light is highly regarded as one of the most effective types of filtration and disinfection for aerosols, but other options like plasma disinfection can also be effective. Lower noise levels are also preferred for patient comfort and maintaining ease of communication between staff members.

Choosing an Aerosol Suction Machine

Ready to find the best fit for your practice? Check out this handy comparison chart for extraoral suction systems available at Dental Planet. This is an easy way to see the different filtering options, disinfection methods, speeds, noise, power levels and volume for the various devices included in our collection. You’ll also be able to compare by price to make sure you find something within your budget. Shop now to get a high-quality, reliable and efficient aerosol filtering options and other operatory equipment for your dental practice.

TPC ProClean Extra Oral Suction System
1,498.00 1,498.00 1498.0 USD
Flight DEFENDER II Aerosol Evacuator with UV-C
1,498.00 1,498.00 1498.0 USD
Beyes DuraMax Extraoral Suction System
1,598.00 1,598.00 1598.0 USD
PAX2000X Extraoral Dental Suction System
1,398.00 1,398.00 1398.0 USD
PAX2000 Extraoral Dental Suction System
1,298.00 1,298.00 1298.0 USD
Extraoral Dental Aerosol Extractor with HEPA
1,988.00 1,988.00 1988.0 USD
CL400 Medical HEPA Air Filter
595.00 595.00 595.0 USD
TPC ProClean Replacement UV Lamp
53.00 53.00 53.0 USD
PAX2000X UV-C Replacement Bulb
49.00 49.00 49.0 USD
PAX2000X H14 Replacement HEPA Filter
199.00 199.00 199.0 USD
PAX2000X Replacement Suction Hood
79.00 79.00 79.0 USD
PAX2000X Replacement Suction Arm
179.00 179.00 179.0 USD
PAX 2000X Replacement Wheels
19.00 19.00 19.0 USD