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Dental Planet sells Deodorizers, Sanitizers, Disinfectants, as well as the number one Caviwipes(under Surface wipes Category, Cavicide in gallons and larger is found under Disinfectant category) for Sterilizing surfaces, ideal for operating rooms, surgical centers, hospitals, medical and dental practices. If your looking for hand sanitizers(under this category you will find PDI Sanicloths canisters, Metrex's Vionexus handwash HTS, as well as Hand sanitzers and dispensers, wall mounted units, wall hangers and GoJo products, as well as Caviwipes), hand hygiene, infection control products/eyewear, to plastic coverings(under this category you will find Tidi Sleeve Barrier Chair Covers), soaps, sterilizing supplies, to water treatments like ProEdge( or Crosstex's waterline maintenance tablet blutabs or 2 liter and water purification cartridges) we have it, at low prices. Dental Planet also has Evacuation products (under this category you will find items like Microbrush's, Saliva Control dri tips, Crosstex, MDC, MSI and Tidi Saliva ejectors in various colors.