Dental Planet offers the items you need for your practice/office, surgical rooms, and clinics in Patient Care and Exam Room Supplies.  We have divided into two categories to make your search easier.


DISPENSERS:   Dental Planet has Georgia Pacific Active air whole room Powdered Dispensers and Mydent's Defend Tattoo Clip Cord Covers in the Misc category.

                        The Apparel Category has every kind of apparel dispenser you can imagine. We of Bowman's Shoe cover dispenser, hairnet dispensers, tall bulk dispensers, double bag or dental Organizers, or Caddy Dispensers. As well as Bowmans Eyewear locking cabinets, gown dispensers, infection protection organizers and dispensers, sign holders as well.  For surgical apparel organizers and glove dispensers from Bowman or Ansell, from single to quad dispensers, over the door hanger, with springs, divided, or Stainless Steel. Halyards PPE dispensing module (on wheels available too), and face mask dispensers.


ORAL CARE:  In this category we have the very popular Johnson & Johnson Brands of Dental Floss Reach waxed mint and in many other flavors, and Listerine mouth wash in Total Care, Total Care Zero, or Ultraclean in mint, cool mint and many other varietys, from travel to  32 oz with 2 pumps. We also carry a variety of Floss -Reach clean, waxed mint,  New Worlds Assorted flavors of waxed floss( and New Worlds tuft toothbrushes, alcohol free mouthwashes, Freshmint AntiCavity toothpaste).  Crosstex's Sparkle Unidose Varinish Sodium Flouride paste in mint or bubblegum, or GC America MI paste.  Cumberland Swan Mouthwash, Dr Fresh Performance  or SAJ toothbrushes, or Dukal toothbrushes and fluoride toothpastes and mouth rinses. For Dentures we care a wide selection of Fixodent Dental Adhesives, Extra Hold Powders, or GMAC's or Medegens Denture caps.

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Busse Denture Cup, 8 oz
70.00 70.00 70.0 USD
Listerine®, 1.5 Liter
44.00 44.00 44.0 USD
Cool Mint Listerine, 1.5 Liter
44.00 44.00 44.0 USD
Freshburst Listerine, 1.5 Liter
44.00 44.00 44.0 USD