Periapical X-rays

Periapical x rays are an essential part of dentistry, giving dental professionals a clear image of the entire tooth. This is a crucial part of diagnosing oral health conditions that cannot be found with a standard bitewing x-ray. Periapical x rays allow you to see from the exposed crown to the end of the root, potentially finding a complication that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. They can be helpful in finding a number of different oral health issues, including impacted teeth, cysts, abscesses, and even tumors.

Considering how important periapical x rays are to the health of your patients, you need to invest in the best equipment you can find. Dental Planet prides itself on providing dental professionals with the most advanced periapical x-ray machines in the industry. Our website features a wide array of top manufacturers, such as Belmont, Corix, Gendex, Progeny & Sirona. Our comprehensive selection ensures that you find exactly what you need, and our extensive network of dental technicians can come right to your office for service and repairs.

With over 25 years of experience in serving dental professionals, we take pride in all of our products and look forward to helping you furnish your office with the best equipment possible. Call us today at Dental Planet to learn more about everything we have to offer.

Corix 70 Plus KVP X-ray
2,998.00 2,998.00 2998.0 USD
Acteon X-Mind Unity Intraoral X-ray
4,498.00 4,498.00 4498.0 USD
Gendex 770 X-ray
3,298.00 3,298.00 3298.0 USD
Progeny JB-70 X-ray
3,698.00 3,698.00 3698.0 USD
Belmont 096 X-ray
3,298.00 3,298.00 3298.0 USD
Instrumentarium FOCUS™ Intraoral X-ray
3,098.00 3,098.00 3098.0 USD
Owandy-RX Intraoral X-ray system
3,498.00 3,498.00 3498.0 USD
Belmont Belray II Intra-oral X-ray
3,598.00 3,598.00 3598.0 USD
Gendex Expert DC Periapical X-ray
3,398.00 3,398.00 3398.0 USD
Belmont PHOT-X II Periapical X-ray
3,398.00 3,398.00 3398.0 USD
Progeny Preva DC Wall-Mount X-ray
3,698.00 3,698.00 3698.0 USD
Carestream CS 2200 Intraoral X-ray System
2,898.00 2,898.00 2898.0 USD