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HemoCue America

Working with healthcare professionals within various clinical areas all over the world, we have developed a profound understanding of your varying needs. These insights, combined with our extensive knowledge, experience and innovation, help us develop the point-of-care testing solutions of tomorrow.
Hemocue Sharps Container
15.80 15.80 15.8 USD
Hemocue Icon® Ds Strep A Test Kit
57.00 57.00 57.0 USD
Hemocue Icon® Sc Strep A Test
278.00 278.00 278.0 USD
Hemocue Icon® 20 Hcg
62.00 62.00 62.0 USD
Hemocue Icon® 25 Hcg
178.00 178.00 178.0 USD
Hemocue Icon® Mono Test Kit
528.00 528.00 528.0 USD
Hemocue Icon® Hp (H.Pylori) Test Kit
164.00 164.00 164.0 USD
Hemocue Hemoccult Ii® Dispensapak™
228.00 228.00 228.0 USD