Pelton & Crane

Add quality equipment to your dental practice on a budget with this collection of refurbished Pelton & Crane products. At Dental Planet, we’re proud to offer such select items from this famed manufacturer. Pelton & Crane has produced some of the finest dental equipment for decades, making them one of the most trusted names in the industry. Known for its state-of-the-art designs with the latest advancements and innovations, this equipment continues to be incredibly reliable and long-lasting. Check out the full collection of Pelton & Crane products to see what’s available right now.

Quality Refurbished Equipment

Since the company was founded in 1900 by Dr. Richard Pelton and Earnest Crane, Pelton & Crane led the charge in developing the latest innovations in the dental industry. The founders’ commitment to quality has been upheld in this collection of refurbished products, all of which have been carefully refurbished and inspected. That means you expect the same high level of performance and reliability when you choose refurbished equipment from our website, whether it’s a Pelton & Crane dental chair, dental light, supply cart or operatory package. Each of these items can make a positive impact in your dental practice while functioning just as well as a new piece of equipment would.

Unmatched Savings

One of the most notable benefits of choosing refurbished dental equipment is the ability to enjoy significant savings. At Dental Planet, our refurbished Pelton & Crane products are actually priced at 40% to 60% of the cost of a new piece of equipment. This is a great option for upgrading outdated equipment on a budget or for outfitting a new practice with reliable items from a trusted manufacturer. Get an incredible combination of savings and quality when you shop for Pelton & Crane dental lights, chairs, carts and more at Dental Planet.

Pelton and Crane Spirit 2000 Series Dental Chair
3,698.00 3,698.00 3698.0 USD
Pelton & Crane Spirit 3000 Series Dental Chair
4,398.00 4,398.00 4398.0 USD
Pelton & Crane Spirit 1500 Dental Chair
3,498.00 3,498.00 3498.0 USD
Pelton Crane LF-II Ceiling Mount Light
1,298.00 1,298.00 1298.0 USD
Pelton & Crane LF-II Track Mount Light
2,298.00 1,608.60 1608.6000000000001 USD
Pelton & Crane LF-II Unit Mount Light
998.00 998.00 998.0 USD

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Pelton and Crane Duo Cart
1,898.00 1,898.00 1898.0 USD
Pelton and Crane Spirit 3000 Operatory
11,998.00 11,998.00 11998.0 USD