Assistant's Stools

Get versatile equipment to help your staff provide the best care for your patients by choosing from this collection of dental assistant stools at Dental Planet. This collection of dental stools features wheeled stools that are incredibly easy to maneuver, allowing dental hygienists and other staff to easily position themselves as needed to access patients’ teeth. They are designed to be comfortable, durable and efficient, ensuring that they’ll hold up well over time and prevent soreness or fatigue for employees who sit in them for a large portion of their workday. Check out the full collection of dental assistant chairs for sale at Dental Planet to find the best fit for your practice.

Features of Dental Stools

When selecting dental assistant stools for your practice, it’s important to think about which features will work best for your staff. Adjustable seat height is a must, so make sure the chairs you choose have an adequate height range to suit your needs. Some assistants prefer a back on their chair, while others prefer a backless style. A foot ring and arm rest can provide added support. One style that you may want to consider is the saddle chair for dental assistants. This type of chair is shaped to provide a more ergonomic experience that lessens strains and optimizes blood flow when sitting in a fixed position for long periods of time. Whatever style you choose, it can be especially helpful to get input from the dental assistants who will be using these chairs every day.

Dental Equipment from Top Brands

When you shop for equipment at Dental Planet, you’ll get to choose from products by some of the most respected manufacturers in the dental industry. This collection of dental assistant stools is no exception. It features dental chairs from top brands like Crown, Engle, Durango, Galaxy and Boyd. These stools are well-crafted and provide the durability and comfort your employees need to do their work well day in and day out. Browse through our affordable dental assistant chairs to discover something that suits your needs and your budget.

Dental Assistant Stool
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