SciCan has years of experience in providing the market with comprehensive infection control solutions. Dental Planet sells refurbished SciCan equipment.

Sterilizer Accessories

Put patient safety first at your dental practice by using sterilizer accessories from Dental Planet. Our collection of dental sterilization products includes a number of items intended to be used with autoclaves, dry heat sterilizers and other disinfecting washers. Each one represents a helpful tool in the daily task of keeping your practice clean and hygienic. Learn more about our lineup of dental sterilization accessories and find out which ones are best suited to your needs.

Type of Dental Sterilizers

When choosing from this selection of accessories, consider which type of dental sterilizer you currently use in your dental practice. For many dentists, an autoclave is the go-to piece of equipment for sterilization needs. It’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s effective. The same can be said, however, for dry heat sterilizers as well. In either case, it’s important to keep the equipment itself clean. Our dental sterilizer accessories include a number of products intended to help keep this equipment running smoothly by cleaning and descaling the chamber, reservoir and tubing. This is especially important for steam autoclaves, which need regular descaling. Other options for accessories include racks for inserting sterilization pouches and replacement tubing, which can help with speedy repairs if your old tubing thins or cracks.

Great Savings From Trusted Brands

When you shop at Dental Planet, you’ll get more than just a great selection of products. You’ll also find impressive savings thanks to our low prices. In addition, we offer products from some of the best brands in the dental industry. For our sterilizer accessories, you’ll be able to choose products from names like RPI, Sci-Dry and Tuttnauer, all at affordable prices. Start shopping now to stock up on essential dental supplies for your practice.

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