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Dental Planet offers a wide variety of Dental Instrument from Paradise Dental, Zirc and more.  For the best prices on Dental Instruments, choose Dental Planet.

If you are looking to get your office/Practice more organized you need to start here with Zirc. This will help your office organizer procedures in color, create less confusion for all office staff and generates a more efficient work environment. Color coding provides information at a glance without having to read labels or sort through materials.  Dental Planet carries  cuspidor screens, dispos-a-screen trap, saliva Ejectors.  Zirc's products contain an Antimircobial additive to help resist the growth of bacteria.


Isolation 360™ Power Pack
98.00 98.00 98.0 USD
Pink Petal - 50 Pack
24.80 24.80 24.8 USD
SE-Cushion (100pk)
21.80 21.80 21.8 USD
Lingua-Fix (50pk)
49.00 49.00 49.0 USD
Mr. Thirsty One-Step Trial Kit
35.00 35.00 35.0 USD
Mr. Thirsty Comfort Kit
65.00 65.00 65.0 USD
Dispos-A-Screen Trap Blue (144 pk)
72.00 72.00 72.0 USD
Cuspidor Screen Small (144pk)
73.00 73.00 73.0 USD
Dispos-A-Screen Trap Green (144pk)
72.00 72.00 72.0 USD
Dispos-A-Screen Trap Mauve (144pk)
72.00 72.00 72.0 USD
Dispos-A-Screen Trap Gray (144pk)
72.00 72.00 72.0 USD
Dispos-A-Screen Trap Beige (144pk)
72.00 72.00 72.0 USD