Fluoride Office - Gels and Rinses

Dental Planet is your one stop for Dental Products, we carry the top selling brands and items that you are looking for at great prices for your practice/office. We have so many products we have divided it for easier shopping, and will even let you know the top selling items per category.

FLUORIDE OFFICE-GELS & RINSES:  Top seller item is Medicom Oral Rinse .12 Chlorhexidine Mint and their Denti- Foam Fluoride rinse 2% Neutral Sodium Mint.  Dental Planet also have Keystone's Fluoride Gel in many varied flavors, as well as Keystones Neurtal PH Fluoride Gel, Keystone Perio Fluoride Rinse, Stannous Fluoride Gel, all in various flavors.  If you prefer the Medicom brand we also have their Denticare-Pro Gel  of course in many flavors, as well as Sunstars Fluoride Varnish.