Mobile Nitrous Systems

Don’t limit yourself to certain exam rooms when you need nitrous oxide for your dental procedures. Instead, upgrade to a mobile nitrous system that can move from room to room with ease. This type of delivery system is highly preferred in many practices, especially where it might be cost prohibitive to install a nitrous delivery system in every exam and treatment space. With a mobile system, you’re only limited by how many units are available at once since the nitrous oxide can be administered anywhere, anytime. Learn more about why nitrous is so essential for your dental practice and how a portable system can improve your services and your patient satisfaction.

Uses for Nitrous Oxide in Dentistry

The benefits of nitrous oxide are very apparent in dentistry, where it’s one of the most safe and effective ways to manage pain and anxiety in patients. This form of sedation is unique in that, depending on how much is administered, patients can still communicate with their dentist. This makes it easier to ensure that the proper care is given and helps to ease discomfort for patients who don’t want to feel a loss of control. Nitrous oxide is incredibly versatile, making it a popular choice for a wide range of dental treatments, such as extractions, crowns, bridges and fillings.

Reasons to Choose a Portable Nitrous System

The portability of a nitrous oxide system can revolutionize the way you complete procedures and treatments in your practice. If only one room is set up to administer nitrous to a patient, the timing of treatments will be much more difficult since procedures will have to be entirely completed before the next patient who needs nitrous is scheduled. With a portable nitrous system, however, staff only need to have the nitrous in the room while it’s in use, and then it can be easily transported to another space. This allows for more flexibility in scheduling, more efficient treatment timing and a greater level of satisfaction for patients. Order your mobile nitrous oxide system along with associated parts and accessories from Dental Planet today to experience these benefits in your own clinic.

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